Reverse Pin ATM - Urban Legend

There is currently a leaflet circulating Weybridge stating if you enter your PIN number in reverse order the police will be called - This is not the case!

The Results of the 2011 Election

RWCA congratulates and welcome our new councillors: Cllr Mrs Dolsie Clarke (Chersey St Ann's)Cllr Terry Dicks (Chertsey Town & New Haw)Cllr Nick Prescot (Englefield Green West) Cllr Damian Sorgiovanni (New Haw)        We must not forget both Nicholas Wase-Rogers  who took on once again the Indpendents in Thorpe and a special mention for Ifti Chaudhri who fought a most energentic campaign in Egham Town against an inbedded and well known Independent. A special thanks to you both. 

Runnymede & Weybridge launches new website

Thank you for your support at the last election. Because of you, David Cameron is the first Conservative Prime Minister in 13 years and the Government’s plans to build a strong economy and a big society are in full swing. Now, to help us communicate with you, we've launched this new local website.