SCC ‘listening’ and ‘supporting’ small businesses in the County

Surrey County Council’s ruling Conservative Group has today pledged to continue listening to the views of businesses and residents alike in the debate on on-street parking.


Mr Ian Lake, Cabinet Member for Transport, also reiterated his commitment and determination to support small businesses, by, for example, helping to generate a churn of customers, each parking for as long as is needed to access shops etc, but at the same time moving on and leaving the space free for another customer. Many free spaces are used for parking all day, thus drastically reducing the opportunity for customers wanting to park for a short period to use the locals shops and businesses.


It was also announced that a ‘half hour period of free parking’ would be the ‘default position’ regarding villages and small shopping parades, helping allay the fears of retailers and residents that the charges will drive business and custom away.


Finally, Mr Lake emphasised the genuine public support the proposed scheme has generated in areas blighted by commuter parking and the Gatwick overspill.


He said ‘Our default position for villages and small shopping parades will be a free parking period of half an hour, which will help create the churn that many small businesses need. We are committed to showing our support for the County’s small businesses and to assisting them in increasing their viability however we can. We must also address the problem faced by communities situated around train stations or near the airport, whose lives are blighted by commuter parking or the Gatwick overspill. ’