The Alliance for Democracy was founded nearly ten years ago, here in Runnymede, with the aim of promoting free and fair elections at local, regional, national and supra-national levels. We support the transformation of the current House of Lords into a fully elected Upper Chamber or Senate, the election of Independent Mayors, and the present extension of democratic elections to the new posts of Police and Crime Commissioners. Runnymede was the birthplace of democracy with the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, and we are concerned that – as far as we were able to ascertain – no public meeting has so far been proposed to take place in Runnymede. We have therefore booked the Runnymede Council Chamber for the evening of Tuesday 13 November from 7,00 until 10.00pm, hopefully to act as a climax to the hustings and a final opportunity for the people of Surrey to listen to and put their questions to all the candidates. There will of course be no cost involved either for the candidates or the many members of the public who we hope will attend. We will ensure appropriate media coverage here in Runnymede, but we would be grateful if you could publicise “The Runnymede PCC Debate” to all your supporters and all others who you are able to contact by email, telephone or any other means. The format will be as follows: each candidate will be invited to give a 10-minute presentation, and members of the audience will be invited to submit questions that they wish to ask, in writing, when they arrive between 6.30 and 7.00 pm. During the presentations the questions will be examined by an independent panel who will select the questions to be asked, in order to avoid any duplication or close similarity of questions. After a short interval the Chairman. In the traditional “Question Time” format, will invite the people who submitted, in the opinion of the panel, the most interesting and appropriate questions, to read out their questions and candidates will be given an opportunity to give brief answers. The debate will end at 10.00 pm. Please confirm ASAP by email that you will be able to attend, together with your agents if possible, but for security reasons please include in the email your home address and telephone number, and mobile number (which will not be disclosed) , together with those of your agents. Please do telephone me on 01932 8743066 if you would like any further information. Yours very sincerely,  Grahame Leon-Smith, Founder Alliance for DemocracyEmail: